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Quality: Our Commitment
   Our history : our workplaces
 The forest : our heritage
 Our skills at your service
"Keeping you satisfied is our main concern"

The "JL" Label:
The Guarantee for Product Quality

Fulfilling contractual commitments:
Guarantee for a relationship of trust
Careful selection of timber to stringent quality criteria.

Strict controls on quality and quantity, at every stage from production right through to final shipment mean you can really count on the quality of our products.

To ensure quality products, we are unswervingly attentive to the fulfilment of each contract. This means that timber protection treatment, from the forest area to the point of shipment, packaging and speed of delivery are constant concerns.

Our production sites are ISO 9002 certified.

Regular information supplied on performance of your order and on preparation of your shipment.

Commitment to production and shipment schedules.

Customised quality follow-up.

A firm commitment to take your remarks into account in a drive to ensure constant improvement in service.


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