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(logs, lumbers, veneers and panels). Purchase and sale of hardwood from Africa, Europe, Asia and America (beech, oak, cherry, mahogany …)." exotic wood hardwood merchant temperate wood timber merchant tropical wood

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Welcome to the J.Lalanne's Web Site

For all professionals, manufacturers, importers, traders and services providers in timber, here is a chance to gain a better understanding of J. Lalanne's commitments and services.

We are specialised in temperate and tropical hardwoods. This site provides direct access to product data sheets. You can also make requests for further information or ask for a quotation.

Go to the partner's area if you are keen to become a business partner with us, co-operate or suggest a project.

To get in touch with us by email, telephone or fax just go to the contact area for all the necessary details.

We hope you appreciate our site. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.



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