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"Quality controls"
The enthusiasm that drives me in my every working day is something I share with our customers - the pleasure of seeing them appreciate the quality of our products.

Our knowledge of timber as a material and our know-how are backed up by a team of highly trained professionals keeping abreast of changes in technologies and markets.

We select our logs from the best European timber-growing regions, ensuring top-quality raw materials for our mills and for those customers who wish to ensure cutting into sawn timbers or veneers themselves.

Our know-how in sawing, kiln-drying, steaming and packing, our efficient equipment, and our reactivity mean we can meet your needs world-wide, either as manufacturers or traders.

Our team is engaged in a permanent quality process: from the production of logs to finished products, we comply with the strictest specifications in order to meet the highest standards.

Temperate hardwoods
Every step in the process is checked

More than fifty years of experience mean we select our logs from the best forest areas for their grain and colour, so well-reputed in the production of veneer sheets and sawn timber.


We use the most modern technologies.
This constant investment
combined with our teams'experience
provide a guarantee for high-precision

Continuous computer control of
steaming and kiln-drying guarantees
regular colour, moisture content
and stability of our products.

Appropriate packaging to assure a
first quality product.

Ultra-modern tools for production,
but with the keen eye of the professional
to ensure accurate grading.

      Our goal: Customer satisfaction.
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