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"The African forest, the red Padouk and the powerful Kevazingo standing proud with only the sky as a backdrop … Sunrise and morning mists when I set out for the bush. The rainy season, the collapse of a bridge, a wood train behind schedule, a broken-down truck - I oversee every detail!

When I select and grade my logs, I imagine them at my customer's warehouse, and when I see them leave aboard these big ships, I have the satisfying feeling of a job well done.

I also like challenges - by special request of the customer, only twenty four hours to load timber cargo aboard a ship passing through.

My timber yard is like home for me - so come on in!"

    Environmentally-friendly operations in a country that has adopted
  a far-reaching and sustainable development policy.

  Complete mastery of logistics.
  Stringent control procedures for
  customers' service.
  Our know-how in timber processing. Stringent grading procedures for the benefit of our customers.

The right man in the right place.

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Products list
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